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Multi head feeders


The unique MCPI’s Multi-head Feeder, is probably the best solution on the market, with multiple application points, a simultaneous, quick and accurate dispensing of ingredient, with perfect sprinkling effect.

These patented feeders are controlled with motor speed and outlet section of extractor.

The control is made with MCPI’s “Quick stop system”:  a mechatronics solution, which allow a perfect control of the extractor movement with repeatability below 1/100 sec, to ensure a quick and accurate feeding.

This is an efficient cost effective solution for high cadencies production (dosing time from 0.2 sec, up to 60 dosing cycles / min). The feeders can be fit on a “C” shape mobile trolley, to facilitate cleaning operations.

The design is made in agreement with drug and food industries requests for cleaning.


Application : Decoration, flavouring and « topping » in food industry, filling of powder.

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MCPI Fine dosing® : An exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performances.

Flexibility MCPI Fine dosing® systems are designed to provide optimum flexibility of operation. Thus, it is possible:

  • To re-configure the dosing points (number & width)
  • To adjust the height of the feeder (on the movable trolley), and the use the same system on several production lines
  • And use a wide range of ingredients on the same feeder

Hygienic design according the definition of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):

  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are "FDA" conform .

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