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Resolution of the load cell : 0.1 mg

 The MCPI Fine dosing® SPAc micro feeders are probably the most accurate in the market...

Beyond performance,  particular care has been taken, from  mechanical design to completion stages, to offer a great flexibility and a fully hygienic concept.
  • Set point:  it is possible to feed with a few mg or a few grams with the same precision and a short dosing time.
  • Physical properties of powder: The different (and intuitive) settings of the feeder, enable the use for almost all types of powders.


Feeding granules or fine powder is possible with the same MCPI Fine dosing® Micro feeder.

An exclusivity from MCPI


Hygienic design:
  • The dosing and storage part can be removed in a few seconds (by hand without any tools), the total dismounting of  parts can be carried out within a minute.
  • The system is integrated in a hood to prevent contamination.

Applications for industrial mass production.

Example: automatic filling of cartridge (+/- 2 mg), automatic rejection of  out of tolerance doses and full traceability.
 Feeding in a weighed rotating bowl, during the positioning of the packing.

The dosing/ storage elements can be removed by hand, without any tools.


The ingredient is dosed directly in the packing placed on the scales. Powder feeding is done via the swivelling bowl. During the dosing sequence, the packing can be manipulated.

Automatic positioning of the packings.

It offers a autonomy of the system with a storage 25 or 50 pieces. The automatic reject of the wrong feedings guarantee a total quality.
Digital scales (compensation of electromagnetic forces).
  • Readability of the digital scales:  0.1 mg.
Sulfur powder - particle size: 20µm, set point: 24 mg, standard deviation: 0.56 mg, dosing time 8 sec.


Metallic Powder - particle size: 200 µm, set point: 120 mg, standard deviation: 0.58 mg, dosing time 10.7 sec


Metallic Powder - particle size: 80 µm, set point: 1000 mg, standard deviation: 2.85 mg, dosing time 12 sec


 MCPI Fine dosing® An exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performances.   click



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